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Tanya Rosenberg’s Blood Games

Perhaps you have heard of this movie by its Australian title kto volal, Baseball Bimbos in Hillbilly Hell, or perhaps you know it best by the no name actors, the incredibly bad acting, and the lame ass dialogue. Or perhaps none of those features ring familiar in your mind because you were too busy appreciating this sexploitation gem for its mass quantities of boobs and feminine wiles.

I myself loved the blatant B quality of 1970’s drive-ins being recreated in 1990 by an equally no-named, one time director Tanya Rosenberg.

Blood Games centers around a baseball team of hot women in skimpy shorts and perky boobs. One of the teammates father is their coach and he has arranged a game against a bunch of redneck hillbillies interested only in beer and ass. After they lose rather badly to the girls and refuse to pay up the winnings the father decides to forcibly take their earnings from the hillbillies manager. While he is off taking care of their “finances,” a couple of the hillbillies decide to retaliate their game loss with a little rape action of the girls. Eventually all parties come together with daddy getting killed and the girls running for their lives while the hillbillies attempt to hunt them down in the woods with guns and johnsons blazing.

True to form, Blood Games is a prime example of what a B sexploitation movie should be: predictable in storyline, awful in acting and dialogue, promoting no name actors and actresses that you have never seen before and will almost assuredly never see again, mixing in gratuitous and ample boob shots, a rather vulgar rape scene, and lots of blood shed.

Is Blood Games a movie worth watching? Probably not. Is it a movie you would probably regret watching if you did watch it? Yeh. Will it make you dumber for having watched it? Nah - most people like me who watch these flicks are probably lacking a little in the brain cell department anyway.

Only you can decide what you have to lose if you choose to to watch it. Keep some popcorn nearby though in case you find you might actually enjoy it. I wouldn’t hold my breath though.

For the record, I’d give this flick a rating of 2 out of 5 silicone boobs, and even then that is probably one too many.